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About aavantam

The world has endured a remarkable change and today, fashion is not just limited to “What's in!” With the proletarian class embracing power and freedom, the global style dictionary has been revised phenomenally, giving us a dazzling young population that does not believe in stopping at the good, but heading for the best. We believe, fashion is the soul that breathes a sense of individuality in today's youth and this sensation has embarked a brand like ours to raise the curtains and cast a spotlight on the true weapons of style – the apparel.

‘Aavantam’ essentially means: welcoming good things. And, with its true essence; we promise a welcoming change that will craft the youth’s gamine charm and enduring style. Just like Audrey Hepburn’s timeless style embodied her illustrious iconic chic status, our clothes for you will now truly embody, who you are. At Aavantam, you will find the most ideal online collection of quintessentially covetable clothing and accessories that will quench your thirst for individuality, with a unique sense of style.

Gone are the days when ranks and manifests controlled your choice for colours, patterns, and style. Aavantam brings to you a vibrant range of apparel wear that resonates with the cool, casual and yet efficient mind of today's youth. With our all-embracing, exclusive collection you can now carry your style to work and create an everlasting impression!

We at Aavantam, understand how diversified your needs can be. And, therefore we have convoked the finest online collection of exclusive, elegant apparel that will help you outshine at any occasion. Be it a special candle light dinner, a fun outing with friends or a family gathering, there is a perfect outfit here, for every celebration.

Are you ready to explore the revolutionary world of fashionable outfits Aavantam has to offer and pamper the fashionista in you?

We are. 

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